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Babolector Green

Babolector Green

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The Babolector is the flagship work of the artist Vincent faudemer.

His character is covered with a plain pop color, the three layers of varnish ensure a shine, a chic and precious rendering pushed to its maximum

Timeless, the elephant Babolector is a must have in your interior art collector, a collector's item limited to 99 copies only for the world.

Delivered with certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist.

Collector box with integrated foam


Vincent Faudemer is the artist of the stars, this young man from Normandy in France is the best-selling artist in the world in 2021, popular with successful entrepreneurs and art collectors who return to childhood thanks to his artistic work.

Since 2018, with its passage on French television, in success story its success has only evolved from France to the United States, passing through the cities of Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, Cannes, Monaco, Saint- Tropez and the United Arab Emirates.

Vincent Faudemer conquered the world with his revisited version of the main 20th century characters from childhood.

The works of Vincent Fodemer are made in the art workshops by hand with the greatest care. Most of them are unique copies checked five times before final packaging and then shipped worldwide.

Each of the works is signed and then numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

The rating of Vincent Faudemer has only increased for six years his work Babolex has seen its price multiplied by three

With a very strong community, Vincent Faudemer seduces at first sight thanks to the use of chrome with silvering, varnishes and the use of luxurious materials.

He acquired the nickname of little princes of contemporary art in 2020 in the very renowned magazine Forbes which made his portrait

The cover of the Technikart magazine and the presence through numerous displays in Paris have been benchmarks in the sector, which confirms the career and the value granted to Vincent for several years.

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