The artist


The small Prince of Contemporary Art *

Nicknamed “The small Prince of Contemporary Art” by Forbes magazine.Vincent Faudemer exhibits his artwork all over the world, since 2018, from Plaza Athenée in Paris, to Louis Vuitton in Shanghai, passing through USA, Europe and now the Middle East.

The artist built a tremendous community with over 700.000 followers on Instagram and 45.000 Discord members.

Vincent is both dreamer and critical. 
His art try to find the perfect balance between contending ideas such as success and childhood nostalgia.

Bling Bling and simplicity.

One of the first contemporary artist who believes in the blockchain : Vincent Faudemer has always thought blockchain technology will revolutionize many aspects of our lives, including transforming the way we own, buy and sell art.

Back in 2018, his first Babolex sculpture had the Bitcoin logo lettered on its back.
It therefore seemed quite natural to him to be part of this transformation of Contemporary Art by offering NFT collections.

In 2021, Vincent Faudemer made a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, making Babolex’s sculpture with Snoop Dogg head, linked to an NFT, which has been promoted on Snoop Dogg socials and on Time Square Nasdaq screens in New York.
10% of the owners of these sculptures will be invited to a private concert of Snoop Dogg in Los Angeles.

The artist is currently working on launching his own cryptocurrency and video game under the concept “play to earn” with the goal of making the most remote communities stronger and financially independent.